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FlashTag® Biotin HSR

For Affymetrix® GeneChip® miRNA Arrays

Affymetrix FlashTag Biotin HSR RNA Labeling Kits are high-sensitivity labeling reagents designed to prepare target from RNA samples for GeneChip miRNA Arrays.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy-to-use: 45-minute assay – from RNA sample to labeled target – without amplification or purification steps
  • Low sample input: Requires as little as 130 ng total RNA
  • Variety of samples: Works with any intact, degraded, or FFPE RNA sample
  • Built-in controls: Contains RNA spike control oligos for GeneChip miRNA Arrays
  • Superior performance:
    • Reproducibility: Inter-and intra-lot signal correlation is typically R >0.95
    • Sensitivity: Detects 94% of miRNA transcripts at 1.0 attomole
    • Dynamic range: >3 logs
    • Specificity: 1 nucleotide discrimination

The combination of GeneChip miRNA Arrays and Affymetrix FlashTag Biotin HSR Reagents offers a complete solution for accurate and validated miRNA analysis.