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RNA Amplification

Archived FFPE samples often can be leveraged as clinical research tools not only to derive histopathological information but also for gene expression profiling. Such profiling can be potentially utilized in identification of disease markers to find indicators of disease progression and to generate targets for therapy. The Affymetrix SensationPlus™ FFPE Reagent Kit provides the latest and most robust RNA amplification and labeling solution for whole-genome expression profiling from FFPE samples. Using proprietary technology, this kit overcomes the challenges associated with FFPE samples, such as low sample input and poor sample quality. In just one round of whole-transcriptome amplification, you can efficiently generate sufficient target for complete gene expression profiling with unparalleled sensitivity, reproducibility and performance—enabling you to unlock the full potential inside your FFPE samples. Please visit these websites for more information:

SensationPlus™ FFPE Amplification and 3' IVT Labeling Kit
SensationPlus™ FFPE Amplification and WT Labeling Kit