DNA nanostructures designed to carry drugs and deliver them to targets: this is Genisphere’s realism. We exploit the advantages of DNA as a natural biopolymer to create biocompatible drug delivery nanocarriers.

High-quality DNA is cost-effective to produce in large quantities and is fully customizable to either evade or liaise with the body’s immune system. DNA is programmable with precise control and specificity to make diverse structures in rigid or dynamic configurations. We regard DNA as a versatile engineering material with flexibility and movable parts which interact with (and can cooperate with) cells in complex bio-environments.

Genisphere leverages both DNA crosslinking biochemistry and modified DNA bases to program stability into the DNA nanoarchitecture. Combining these stability profiles with site-specific biological conditions for drug release allows us to fine-tune and manipulate the system based on desired pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

DNA conjugation chemistry is diverse and well-accommodating to a variety of drug cargos and targeting molecules. DNA-directed assembly of conjugates to core nanocarrier is simple yet elegant across multiple indications.

We enhance drug delivery through multivalent presentation of targeting molecules. Truly accurate tissue specificity allows the use of more potent drugs with otherwise debilitating toxicity. DNA nanotechnology presents the greatest capacity of modular design to maximize the benefits of precision targeting.

We take a hands-on approach to develop solutions together with our partners, enabling customization for any indication with focus on improving therapeutic index. 3DNA can provide new formulations for matured therapeutics. Revolutionary variations of nucleic acids, small molecules and biologics can also be developed into novel formulations powered by 3DNA.

We passionately pursue our 3DNA structures as effective drug-delivery nanovehicles for fighting disease. To learn more about our 3DNA nanotechnology platform please view the short video.

3DNA Nanotechnology Platform

Our Technology

3DNA structures are three dimensional nanoscaffolds made entirely from DNA, engineered for stability and multivalency. The modular design of DNA regions allows 3DNA nanocarriers to be fine-tuned for unique applications in targeted drug delivery.
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Targeted Therapeutics

The flexibility and adaptability of 3DNA-based therapeutics and their demonstrated success in multiple therapeutic areas affords access to multiple, high value candidates. Our goal is to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity of small drugs, biologics, and nucleic acids.
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Genisphere is pursuing its own pipeline of lead drug candidates based on the 3DNA platform. Pre-clinical advances have supported Genisphere's lead development programs and have resulted in a rich discovery pipeline for a variety of indications.
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