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Genisphere and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health Collaborate on the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

May 30, 2018 -

Genisphere LLC and the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health announced a research collaboration to develop novel approaches to treat pancreatic cancer. According to their Sponsored Research Agreement, investigators at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and Genisphere will combine expertise to optimize 3DNA®-based therapeutics designed to target and kill pancreatic tumors. Projects will include delivering small molecule therapeutics as well as siRNA formulated with pancreatic tumor-targeting molecules on Genisphere’s 3DNA® nanocarrier.

The Principal Investigator on the project is Jonathan Brody, Ph.D., Co-director of the Jefferson Pancreatic, Biliary and Related Cancer Center and Director of Surgical Research. He said “Unfortunately, to date, our most successful therapies for pancreatic cancer, besides surgery, have been non-targeted chemotherapies. The concept of developing and deploying a nanotechnology-based targeted approach that could be personalized and delivered successfully to our patients is promising and exciting.”

Charles J. Yeo, the 8th Samuel D. Gross Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, stated “We are continuing our most diligent and laser-focused efforts to develop novel therapies to offer patients affected by pancreatic cancer. This tumor has now ascended to become the third leading cause of cancer-related death in America. Using a military analogy, this collaboration can be likened to using highly sophisticated smart bombs to destroy specific targets, minimizing collateral damage.”

Robert Getts, Genisphere’s Chief Science Officer, said “Over the past three years we have generated a growing body of evidence demonstrating the uniqueness of the 3DNA platform while consistently adapting to meet the growing desire to move 3DNA-based therapies into a clinical setting like that of our colleagues at Jefferson. We are thrilled to expand our small drug and siRNA studies to include robust pre-clinical models to examine tumor targeting and accumulation as well as unique combination therapies for patients.”

About Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health

A leading center for practice-changing discovery and comprehensive cancer treatment, the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health has been known as a Designated Center by the National Cancer Institute since 1996, and is one of only 70 institutions in the nation to hold this prestigious recognition. SKCC is committed to delivering the most advanced, personalized cancer care, made possible through their scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in detecting and treating cancer. SKCC provides access to advanced clinical trials and novel treatment strategies throughout the Greater Delaware Valley, realized through our integral sites in Center City Philadelphia, Abington, Aria, and the comprehensive, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center Network. Routinely ranked amongst the top hospitals for cancer care in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, the multi-disciplinary teams at SKCC bring together specialists for treatment planning, which results in some of the highest survival rates in the nation.

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Lauren Riley
Marketing Service Line, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson Health

About Genisphere

Genisphere LLC is the provider of the 3DNA® platform for targeted drug delivery. 3DNA® is a nanoscale, multivalent scaffold made from proprietary, synthetic DNA formed in a flexible, branched structure. 3DNA® nanocarriers are engineered and crosslinked to form a stable architecture while maintaining the biocompatibility of the nucleic acid building blocks, and demonstrate efficacy and safety with a variety of drug cargos across multiple indications. Genisphere's technology is IP-protected and fully customizable to deliver small molecules, biologics, and nucleic acids with precise specificity enabled by multivalent targeting via antibodies, peptides and other molecular entities. Genisphere leverages a collaborative model to advance its 3DNA® drug delivery platform, and seeks additional partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity. Genisphere is also advancing its own lead programs based on 3DNA® nanotechnology. For more information, please visit http://genisphere.com.

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Jessica Bowers
Marketing Communications, Genisphere