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Genisphere has over 20 years experience customizing 3DNA® for commercial and collaborative purposes. The company has successfully out-licensed several reagent kits to partners in clinical diagnostic and research markets, for applications including microarray labeling, microRNA labeling, signal amplification and RNA amplification. 3DNA is a unique nanotechnology ideally suited for targeted drug delivery. In many cases, Genisphere has been able to raise the therapeutic index of a partner’s payload utilizing 3DNA because 3DNA enables a single therapeutic construct with genuine targeting and biodistribution to-target to increase efficacy and reduce toxicity. Genisphere actively partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for development of clinically relevant programs according to a flexible business model.

Collaborative Process Overview:

  • For each project, a written work plan including distribution of resources is defined. All subsequent activities, including conjugation of target molecules and therapeutic payloads to 3DNA, in vitro and in vivo testing of 3DNA customizations are governed under a Master Agreement with provisions of confidentiality, materials transfer and IP ownership. If desired, exclusivity of specific 3DNA customizations can be a feature of specific licensing terms.
  • Gatekeeping of the molecular entities as well as checkpoints and endpoints are agreed upon to minimize risk and to allow adaptability as the work progresses.
  • Upon success and if not already addressed as part of the Agreement drafting process, a License Agreement is negotiated to allow exclusive access to each 3DNA combination and to direct formal development of the 3DNA-based therapeutic candidate.
  • Throughout the collaborative process, Genisphere provides materials, recommendations, and services as necessary per the client's request, while the client funds all research and development activities.


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